Our Philosophy

Synnova is also the name for a butterfly from the Oleria family

Synnova is also the name for a butterfly from the Oleria family

working with consciousness or innate potential

Entelechy, (from the Greek word entelecheia), is also known as a self-organizing principle. Teilhard de Chardin, attached the butterfly-caterpillar metaphor to describe this principle as a phenomenon of our innate potential: "it is inside of you, like the butterfly is inside of the caterpillar.” David Bohm wrote about a similar phenomenon as a type of inner intelligence, referring to it as “the implicit order” and in phenomenology there is a reference to as Presence or Being. In action research we reflect on this phenomenon through inquiring into the gap between being and becoming. But how to grow this innate capacity or consciousness, how to work with our aspiration?

Our approach to learning is that we seek to connect to our being, through dwelling into our tacit and implicit knowing. We search into this through a relational process, both inward, relating to self, as well as outward, relating to and through others.

There are many methods for this in organisations as well, for example through participatory dialogue, through (collectively) observing emergence, through accessing interior knowing, inside us as well as transcendent of our organism. These processes of ontological learning, learning about being, happens in time as well as in space. Aside from dialogue we work with different approaches to access this new, emergent knowing, for example with constellation approaches as well as through aesthetic experiences, which can be found in our creation and perception of art.