Today's organisations must work in an increasing global uncertainty, pressing social and economical issues and the breakdown of established norms and institutions. Integrity, sustainable choice-making and corporate responsibility are crucial identity characteristics. Making those come to life, is in our view not a matter of "no mistakes", but a responsibility. To create a values-driven culture takes time and activity. We implement the outcomes of your values assessment by inquiring into the gaps between your intentions and your actions. We seek a dialogical exchange within top teams as well as the rest of the organization and work both into tensions as well as potential.

Our vision

We aspire to be a leading edge presence in the field of organisational and leadership transformation. Thus stimulating performance and creating fullfilling, responsible places to work. We do this by sharing our knowledge around the development of conscious cultures and by offering an inspirational dialogue to accelerate learning and change. Our expertise areas are cultural, leadership and team transformation, which we support through facilitation, using a range of corporate and values-led approaches. We are specialised in top team alignment and in building capacity for change.

Our values

•    Continuous learning
•    Making a difference
•    Commitment to clients' success
•    Sustainability  

Our operating principles

We identify creative tension and relate this to your direction, the context in which you operate as well as to your behaviors, seeking to support you and your organisation in aligning who you are with who you want to be.

We stand for increasing value through values. We anchor results for long term beneficial impact in the future, thereby creating sustainability.

We are actively engaged in developing and offering new ideas in collaborating with clients, agencies, connected to academic research (Ashridge Business School, UK) and through our network of consultants who share the same goals. Providing a platform for development, we commit be a resourceful partner to the continuous learning and professional growth.