Network partners

Synnova’s network is a group of global partners who share our passion for meaningful change and development. Each member is part of other networks, business schools and companies, which ensures that we are all constantly learning and evolving, refreshed by inspiration, knowledge and experience from other people, academia, businesses and our personal lives. A client list or reference is available on request.

Pleuntje van Meer, NL

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Dr. Pleuntje van Meer (The Hague, Netherlands) is founding partner of Synnova. She works as a global leadership consultant/facilitator, executive coach for individuals and teams, since 1997 and gained experience in a wide range of internationally operating organisations. Pleuntje holds Masters Degrees in Economics (Tilburg University), in Technology & Human Affairs (Washington University) and a doctoral diploma in Organisational Change at Ashridge Business School (UK). Her dissertation is titled: ‘Learning from within. An artistic approach to developing a reflexive practice’.(2018)

Her professional expertise is senior team alignment, conscious business, values-driven leadership and internal capacity building, she is adjunct faculty member at Ashridge-Hult business school, particularly interested in questions around integrity and in arts, as a way of knowing. She holds a variety of accreditations in organisational change and psychological assessment tools as well as diplomas in Coaching, Coach Supervision, Human Counseling, etc. She partners with the Barrett Values Centre (USA) for about twenty years, working with the Cultural Transformation Tools and is an experienced CTT accreditation trainer. Pleuntje works in Dutch, English and basic German. 

As a person, Pleuntje is curious, honest, transparant, results-driven, challenging and caring. She enjoys co-creating with clients to ensure that any intervention has sustainable impact. Home for her is the best place to recharge and reconnect with family, friends and her dog Tika. She enjoys sports, reading, writing, painting and walking along the beach, near Scheveningen, the Netherlands, where she lives.

Lieven Callewaert, Belgium

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Lieven (1969) holds an MSc. Organisational Psychology from the Katholic University Leuven (Belgium), a Post Graduate Macro Economics from The Vlerick Business School (Belgium), a Masters in Gestalttherapy from the Faculty of People and Society (Belgium). He is also deeply trained into Systems dynamics (MIT Boston) and Organisational dynamics (Institute for Organisational and Social Development (IOD). He lectures at both Nyenrode Business School (NL) and CEMS (FR) (Global alliance of Management Schools).

During his 25 years as a consultant, Lieven mostly worked on whole systems transformation where he guides leadership team in conducting necessary transformations. He is a founding partner SAM (Social Architects of Meaning), Thedoors-project (FR) and Synco (B), 3 international networks of multi-disciplinary top-consultants and acts as a board member of several organisations, such as The heerlijckyt van Elsmeren (B), Kingsmill Foundation (B), Green alliances (NL), Arnhem Connect (NL). Lieven's main inspiration is his life together with his partner and 6 children, with whom he travels for 2-3 months/year in order to remain an open perspective on what really matters in life.

Richard Barrett, UK

Lieven Callewaert, Belgium and Canada

Gemma Denteneer, NL

Jill Hughes, UK

Niran Jiang, Australia

Esther Kerstholt, NL

Lilian van der Leeuw, NL

Phuti Tsukudu, South Africa