All our programmes are carefully customised to the needs of our clients

In designing and delivering these programmes, we draw upon a range of tools and methods, including: skills workshops, business simulations, discovery visits, development centre events, psychometric instruments, virtual team assignments, strategic client analysis, peer coaching, role plays, business projects and facilitated dialogue.

In our change interventions, we are proficient in using innovative methodologies such as the U-process developed by Otto Scharmer, a complexity approach to change such as described by Patricia Shaw and while systems approaches as Ken Wilber’s Four Quadrant Model shows. To support leaders and organisations in creating values-based leadership and corporate cultures, we apply the Cultural Transformation Tools® initiated by Richard Barrett. These tools provide a powerful methodology to measure and map culture, to pinpoint where organisations lose energy and to create a transformational agenda.

In coaching and developmental programs we implement practical coaching methodology such as derived from the "school of Coaching (Netherlands), Developmental coaching (UK), Ontological coaching (USA) and Life CoachLab (Italy), as well as Buddhist mindfulness approaches to access interior states. The individual reflective methods we work with, include integration of ideas around Artful Knowing (Seeley), writing-to-know (our reflective writing processes) and Art Based Methods.