Cultural Transformation

Our approach to cultural transformation, learning and change is based on our belief that growth, happens in-connection, which is always situational. 

Specifics about leadership and the organisational system, as well as its environment, ask a dialogue with client and stakeholders. This informs us in choosing tools and interventions. Doing so, we appreciate many schools that contributed to developing practical and theoretical knowledge. In our work we apply: story-telling, strategic scenario planning, systems constellations, relational theory, jungian psychology, appreciative inquiry, a variety of coaching approaches and the social-cultural the approach, "growth-in-connection".

Our own learning is ongoing, with a recent interest in creativity and arts as a resourceful practice for learning from within. We create master classes, custom designed action learning approaches, speak at conferences and support others as supervisor or through (internal) facilitators’ and coach trainings.

The executive component of our work included the on-boarding of new CEO's, and working with executive teams in strategy implementation, developing change stories, futuring, implementing mission and vision statements and in facilitating organisational values dialogues. Our work over the past 20 years allowed us to work with teams and leaders from all continents, in many languages and cultures. It taught us about the signaling effects of day-to-day language and the need to develop and anchor internal change capacity. We developed approaches to creatively design different ways of working. This asks for listening to new voices, often already present, be it generational, regional or through diversity. We believe that change ultimately needs to develop from roots inwards, as well as become visible outwards. We like to be curious with our clients and don't believe in pre-fabricated change programs. 

We support global corporates, as well as smaller local organisations, top teams, HR, yet also individual practitioners and change agents, both face-face as on-line. It's our aspiration to work with clients or organisations when there's a genuine commitment to learn or change and an openness to create in partnership. References on request.