CTT Certification  & Facilitator of transformation

At Synnova we offer a multi-dimensional approach for cultural transformation. Within this we partner with Richard Barrett and Associates and specialised in working with the Cultural Transformation Tools® (CTT), an approach we apply since 2001. We offer face-face and elearning accreditation programmes for CTT1 and CTT2 as well as the CTT Practitioners and facilitation programme (in-house on demand). We recommend you to try the the free of charge Personal Values assessment, which gives you a flavour of the approach. 

The following video gives you a brief introduction to the tool.


“The training gave me an opening into the world of culture transformation. The tools that were explained gave me a better look at my personal values and where I can improve but also a very valuable toolbox to help departments, plans or shift to function in a more efficient and valuable way”. M. van Stokhem, Sabic Netherlands.

“To get an insights in the stories behind the story and in how to start a good client dialogue was so valuable” PwC in-house participant.

“The whole programme felt as an intensive practical exercise to apply and learn to work with this method. I truly valued the personal and leadership coaching in this as well. Thank you!". -The Hague, Netherlands.

“Loved the 2 days, thank you for your knowledge, competence, passion, challenge& the fun!”-M. Lane, UK

“The highlight for me was the continuous dialogue on how to interpret the values assessment in stimulating systemic, whole systems change!” -London.


Please contact us via info@synnova.com

Our Practitioner-trainings are taught, starting with pre-work and ending with an online learning module. On site we work in a three day, action-learning setting. During those days we start high content and merge this with personal learning exercises, were you experience the tools. We work into the evening with an intensive program such that we cover what was previously done in 4 days:

  • 3-5 April 2019: The Hague, Netherlands

  • 3-5 June 2019: The Hague, Netherlands

  • 2-4 September 2019: The Hague, Netherlands

  • 25-27 November 2019: The Hague, Netherlands

  • Please inquire for ongoing private training, elearning and in-house options

CTT-1, only by exception: Join the first 1,5 day of the Practitioners training above, excluding the evening program.

CTT-2 only: Join either the full practitioners training for a small additional cost, or enter for day 2 and 3 of the Practitioners trainings above.

CTT Part 1 Training

The CTT Models and Tools training is a comprehensive two-day certification workshop for consultants, change agents and human resource managers on how to use the Cultural Transformation Tools. Participants are involved in lecture, discussion and group activities. By the end of this training you will have a deep understanding of the Barrett Seven Levels of Consciousness Model, its heritage and philosophy. You will understand the process of running a values assessment with your clients and you will also be proficient in reading and interpreting its outcomes. It is important that we cover these critical elements first in order to give you a foundation for using CTT. The price of the training includes workshop materials, a free individual assessment.

CTT Part 2 Training

Building a Vision-Guided Values-Driven Organisation training is a 2,5-day workshop for consultants, change agents and human resource managers on how to deeper understand and implement cultural transformation using the Cultural Transformation Models and Tools. Participants are involved in lectures, discussions and group activities in order to familiarise themselves with client exercises and tools for cultural transformation processes. In addition we offer a range of business cases, facilitation approaches and a toolkit, that can be used for implementing the transformation (see for a free download our resource page). To be eligible for the CTT Part 2, participants must have completed the CTT Part 1. Price includes workshop materials, becoming a member of an exciting global network with regular activities, a package of training materials and a complimentary small group assessment for teams/groups up to 20 people (including individual assessment outcomes for each). This additional assessment allows you to earn a part of your investment back.

CTT intensive Practitioners Training

The practitioners training combines the former CTT1 and CTT2 in a new form. We offer an intensive 3 day practitioners training, including evening programmes on the in-between two evenings. The practitioners training will accredit you in a similar way as would be when taking part 1 and part 2 separately and comes with the same pre-work and additional assessments. Our programme offers experiental approaches and case-studies to explore how you read and present data in a dialogical way, offering you a touch base for cultural transformation.