We facilitate learning and change.


What does the disruptive societal setting of today, ask from us who live in it? We dive into this question in the context of organisations, to stimulate consciousness and integrity through values, together with leaders and practitioners who seek a proper and sustainable response.

Inquiring into the gap between intentions and actions, we seek to stimulate a learning mindset. We do this through integrating practical experience with a variety of knowledge areas in diverse action learning partnerships. Our grounding principle is that responsible work contributes to a better life-world for all.

We are passionate about creativity and excellence through continuous learning.



Our Vision

Today's organisations work within increasing uncertainty and disruption, pressing social and economical issues. We observe a breaking down of established norms. How to stand still in the run and distinguish what most matters? How to shift ways of working? We approach integrity and responsible, conscious leadership as an ongoing reflexive dialogue, involving inner and outer arcs of attention. 

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leadership and CULTURE trainings

We specialise in facilitating systems change and cultural transformation through dialogues as well as by offering open and in-house trainings.

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