Open source toolkits, facilitation, presentations

  • Consciousness in organisaties, presentatie ter gelegenheid oratie Jaap Schavening, Nijenrode 2018 download
  • Get Connected: Toolkit for Teams in collaboration with the Values Centre  free download 
  • Culture Change Toolkit for Internal facilitation, in collaboration with Old Mutual  free download 


Business cases

Partner networks                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Links, video's and recommended readings

  • Video: Hannah Arendt. Von Trotta, M. (Director). (2013).[Video/DVD] Germany: Zeitgeist Films.
  • Video: Freire, P. (1996), On critical Pedagogy. Video world conference on illiteracy.
  • Video: De Beauvoir, S. (1974). Questionnaire. Tv Interview by Jean-Louis Servant Schreiber: “Why I am a feminist”. France.
  • Book: Dewey, J. (2005). Art as experience. New York: Perigee Books.
  • Article: Jordan, J. V. (2003). Valuing vulnerability: New definitions of courage. pre-conference paper 
  • Book:  Marshall (2016). First Person Action Research, Living Life as Inquiry. London: Sage pub ltd. 
  • Book: Milner, M. B. (2010). On not being able to paint. London: Routledge. and Milner, M. B. (2011). A life of one's own. USA, UK: Routledge. 
  • Scharmer, O., & Kaufer, K. (2013). Leading from the emerging future: From ego-system to eco-system economics. USA: Berrett Koehler Publishers. 
  • Seeley, C. (2011). Unchartered territory: Imagining a stronger relationship between the arts and action research. Action Research, 9(1)