We facilitate learning and change through values.


What does the white water, the disruptive societal settings, ask from us who live in it? We dive into this, in order to stimulate consciousness and values in organizations, leaders and ourselves. We work on cultural and systems transformation with top teams, practitioners and leaders, seeking a proper and sustainable response. 

In making this practical we ask: what is the gap between our intention and action? Through inquiry, we integrate practical experience with a variety of knowledge areas, engaging in productive action learning partnerships. We are passionate about creativity and excellence through continuous learning.



Our vision

Today's organisations work within increasing uncertainty and disruption, pressing social and economical issues and the breakdown of established norms. How to re-invent? How to stand still in the run? Stepping into the mirror, we approach integrity and responsible, conscious leadership as an ongoing dialogue. 

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CCT Certification

We specialise in facilitating Systems change and Cultural transformation and developed expertise in the CTT Tools® through extensive client work, open and in-house trainings. We offer monthly face-face and elearning certification programmes in CTT1, CTT2 and the CTT Practitioners, as well as a facilitation and a leaders-for-change course. 

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